Taptap launches CTV solution powered by location intelligence

Taptap Digital announces the launch of a new CTV solution leveraging the power of location intelligence for smarter planning, activation and reporting
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Madrid, 8 May 2024

Taptap Digital, a leading area-based omnichannel marketing platform that helps brands reach their ideal customers without the need for cookies, announces the launch of a new CTV solution leveraging the power of location intelligence for smarter planning, activation and reporting.

Taptap’s CTV offering takes advantage of the company’s unique area-based marketing approach that allows brands to define their ideal customers by connecting and analyzing rich on and offline data sets based on the common unifier of where they occur through a method called georeferencing. Media investment is then focused on areas where target customers are in high concentration ensuring advertisers reach their optimal audience effectively without the complexities of individual-level targeting. 

“CTV is a powerful driver of advertising engagement and ROI; however, fragmentation and standardisation challenges remain. CTV with Taptap offers a simple and effective area-based approach to reach the right audience at the right volume, without the need for individual level targeting. The launch of our CTV solution is the final piece to the puzzle and completes our omnichannel offering that includes DOOH, digital audio, desktop and mobile, all powered by predictive and real-time modelling of georeferenced data that delivers broadcast reach with targeted precision for more flexibility and control” said Alvaro Mayol, General Manager.

In support of the CTV launch, Taptap has partnered with Mastercard Data and Insights.  The partnership will allow access to aggregated purchase data by a range of geographic areas which can be combined with the multiple on and offline data sets already available on the Taptap platform. Historic purchase data is a strong indicator of future purchase intent and when combined with a range of demographic, behavioral and mobility data provides deeper consumer insight which powers smarter planning, activation and reporting. 

Leading global agencies including GroupM, Havas and IPG Mediabrands and global brands like Dyson, Taco Bell and Movistar are already using Taptap’s CTV solution, with more global brands ready to launch in Q2.

“One of the advantages of using an area-based approach powered by rich on and offline datasets is the ability to plan, activate and report on the same audience within one omnichannel strategy” says Javier Velazquez, SVP Business Solutions Taptap, “whether you’re using CTV, DOOH or mobile/video, you are using the same area-based audience throughout the process.  There’s no signal loss which is often the challenge when using multiple platforms to buy different channels”.

About Taptap Digital

Taptap Digital is an area-based marketing platform, helping brands to discover who and where their ideal customers are and how best to reach them without the need for cookies.

Predictive and real-time modeling of georeferenced data powers smarter audience definition and discovery for better planning, activation and reporting across CTV, DOOH, digital audio, desktop and mobile.

Current clients include global brands like Coca Cola, Dyson and LVMH and agencies groups such as GroupM, Dentsu and Publicis. Founded in 2010, Taptap is headquartered in Madrid with offices across the United States, Europe, South America and South Africa. 

May 8, 2024

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