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Artificial IntelligenceLocation INTELLIGENCE
Business Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning for reliable ad verification, accurate data signals and performance optimization for zero waste, better outcomes and more visibility.

Sonata Location Quality Index

Location data is extremely valuable for any media or audience activation but can be inaccurate and difficult to scale. We need tools that can verify for precision and activate not just one but several sources of data. Sonata Location Quality Index aggregates and cross references diverse sources of location data and uses applied artificial intelligence algorithms to score each signal for accuracy, discarding erroneous or fraudulent data.

Brand Safety

Sonata uses pre and post bid machine learning and algorithmic modeling along with human verification to secure safe and viewable inventory for your brand.

Sonata M.O.R.E.

Artificial intelligence campaign optimization trained on extensive, mobile-first data sets. Sonata MORE makes predictive,pre-bid buying decisions for the best outcomes. The right impressions at the right price for better KPIs for zero waste on your buy.

Sonata Location Intelligence

Accessible Geospatial Analysis

First-to-market geospatial technology. The platform aggregates multiple dimensions of data over a map for a comprehensive audience and geographic analysis. It links not only variables typically associated with location, like points of interest mapping and OOH circuits, but also online and offline behavioral data - the collective analysis of which uncovers new insights and opportunities for advanced planning, optimization and analysis. Upload your CRM data for an even more custom solution.

Sonata LI can be used as a stand alone planning and market analysis tool or seamlessly integrated with the Sonata DSP for omnichannel campaigns.

Business Intelligence

Advanced business intelligence dashboards to visualize and simplify data analysis for deeper insights and automatic recommendations. Get insights that will facilitate campaign management and inform larger media strategy.

Highly Visual Reporting

Performance Rankings

Automatically Generated Responsive Graphs

Statistical Data Analysis Simplified

Easily Shareable

And more

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