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BEAT and agency Publicis enlist Taptap technology to set the standard for OOH measurement and omnichannel/cross environment campaign planning

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  • OOH campaign achieves 50% on-target reach as measured by geospatial data
  • BEAT activates digital campaign to connect with audiences not covered by OOH venues

Peru, October 2021 - BEAT, a ride hailing and sharing company and the fastest growing app in Latin America, and agency, Publicis Media, partnered with Taptap Digital to measure and analyze BEAT’s OOH efforts through OOH @Home, a Publicis APEX solution based on Taptap technology, OOH True Reach. The month-long campaign had an on-target audience reach of 50% (out of the total population exposed). This notable figure reflects the expert planning abilities of Publicis APEX, which develops innovative offerings through direct partnerships that allow clients of all sizes to benefit from custom solutions. (1)

OOH True Reach, a Taptap planning solution, is designed to help advertisers and agencies better gauge the efficacy of their OOH by leveraging geospatial intelligence to understand who, and how many, saw their ads. While OOH is a powerful one to many medium and a critical touchpoint along the path to purchase, we still lack adequate measurement and analysis tools - something OOH True Reach addresses. In fact, OOH Today reports in an article on 2021 trends, that OOH measurement will become more important than ever (2), especially as efficiency is imperative. 

Based on the findings of this analysis, which offers exceptional visibility into audiences reached via both digital and traditional OOH through advanced location intelligence, BEAT launched a digital campaign to reach additional audiences who fit their target description, but were outside of OOH coverage. The solution, Extended Reach, helps advertisers avoid missed opportunities to connect with their public, working in unison with OOH efforts. The two-month long display campaign, which was supported by predictive AI optimization, reached over half a million unique users with high rates of engagement, successfully extending the reach of OOH.

Gean Menacho, Digital Specialist at Publicis Media, says, “this new solution will have a great impact on outdoor campaigns, revolutionizing the metrics that we can achieve with a traditional OOH purchase. It gives us tools that help us understand how to better connect this powerful medium to other digital channels in a series of omnichannel strategies. Further, we contribute not only to the branding initiative, but also to performance, where 30% of the impressions delivered were converted into app downloads. Those first to take revolutionary steps will leave their mark for a new phase.”

Jose Garreta, Director Peru at Taptap adds, We are always thrilled to work with Publicis, and share new value propositions for location intelligence. APEX is constantly looking for creative and effective ways to deliver results for their clients like Beat, across all services, from planning to measurement, and we are excited to collaborate with them.


About Beat

Beat is the only application on the market that lets you know where a passenger is going before accepting the ride. Most importantly, forget aimlessly searching for passengers and downtime. With Beat, they will be looking for you!

About APEX Exchange from Publicis Media

APEX Exchange (APEX) is a distinct next-generation trading entity within Publicis Media that identifies and invests in emerging market trends to benefit Publicis clients. APEX develops innovative offerings through direct partnerships and principal investments that allow clients of all sizes to benefit from custom solutions that best fit their business challenges in an increasingly complex media environment.

About Taptap Digital

Taptap Digital is a global advertising technology company with presence in Europe, Africa, North America and South America. Through its proprietary platform, Sonata, Taptap leverages geospatial technology and artificial intelligence for multidimensional audience planning, omnichannel media activation and advanced online and offline measurement.  Taptap drives transparent, objective and tangible results for global brands and agencies in more than 85 countries.

(1) APEX

(2) OOH Today

October 27, 2021

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