CTV reimagined
with area-based marketing

Engage enriched audiences with granular precision at broadcast scale with area-based CTV, streamlining a fragmented landscape with a more effective approach

CTV investment with intelligence

Area-based CTV offers the flexibility to tailor your strategy - from budgets to creative to contexts - per area with unmatched efficiency. It balances precision and scale on premium inventory to maximize your investment without compromising campaign reach. Bypass data and targeting fragmentation and simplify your CTV with location intelligence that powers advanced planning, activation and measurement. Discover who and where your ideal customers are and how to reach them through area-based CTV.

Discover your ultimate CTV audiences with hundreds of on and offline data points

Transcend limited segments or IDs with enriched, privacy-first audiences built from a multilayered dataset containing key CTV insights like purchase and household data unified by location. As most CTV viewing happens at home, household data provides a crucial foundation for targeting and planning CTV campaigns.

Onboard and georeference any custom data like GRPs or first party data for even more granularity and control.


Beyond one size fits all

Use an affinity analysis to identify focus areas and the optimal CTV strategy for each one, fine tuning budget, pacing and creative according to where your audiences over index.

Guarantee efficiency and meet reach KPIs with optimized planning and execution from day one.


Make every impression count, even more

Capture how audiences and contexts shift from moment to moment, area to area and dynamically adapt your campaign, creative and QR codes in real time for better performing, more impactful CTV.

Build contextual scenarios most relevant to your goals from a range of variables like mobility, content interest and media consumption trends. Have your campaign and creative trigger dynamically to where these conditions exist.


Closed loop reporting for real world impact

Access unified closed loop reporting by location for immediate implementation and measure the real world impact driven by the campaign.

Uncover insights about top performing CTV areas including QR code engagement levels.


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CTV is a powerful driver of advertising engagement and ROI. However, in a world where digital audiences are more fragmented and uncorrelated than ever, listen to how an area-based marketing approach adds value to the CTV ecosystem and an omnichannel strategy.

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