Ex-Microsoft to lead UK expansion for Taptap Digital

Taptap Digital, a multinational advertising and marketing technology platform powered by location, boosts its presence in the UK with new resources and a new hire.
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London – September 2022. Taptap Digital, a multinational advertising and marketing technology platform powered by location, boosts its presence in the UK with new resources and a new hire.

​​Matt Wilkinson, who counts on more than twenty years of experience in digital media, will head up sales and business development in the UK markets for Taptap. He comes most recently from an eight year stint at Microsoft as an international sales lead before overseeing programmatic sales at AOL. An expert liaison for advertisers and agencies, Matt is well versed in the challenges and opportunities for brands leveraging programmatic media, especially in the UK markets where channels like DOOH are taking off. 

Taptap has provided agencies, advertisers and marketers in over 85 countries across Europe, Africa and the Americas innovative solutions based in geospatial analysis since 2010. The geospatial technology, built by a team of data scientists and engineers, works with new data sources, generates new insights and develops geospatial contextual targeting methodologies - including location and content - for a much more data driven, informed and integrated strategy. Though the company has operated in the UK for a handful of years, the addition of a sales director on the ground will mean that Taptap can customize its technology and solutions for this market.

Image of the Sonata Platform that shows all Tesco locations (in pink) nearby audiences who fit a specific profile (in yellow and green). To the side, it shows trending topics on Twitter in those areas.

The solutions, actionable via a global omnichannel demand side platform called Sonata, all incorporate location in some way. Location can in its simplest form add highly critical context to omnichannel campaigns that would otherwise be less effective. More complex uses for location include replacing the cookie or unique ID as a connector of data to enable more enriched planning methodologies that prioritize individual privacy. For example, using geospatial intelligence, DOOH advertisers can analyze screens based on their reach among a particular audience, and simultaneously launch cookieless one to one digital campaigns in areas with high concentrations of these audiences without DOOH coverage to avoid missed opportunities.

Users can access Sonata, which also boasts a data management platform for more traditional targeting methodologies including drive to store, via self or managed service. Through the proprietary platform, they will have at their disposal all media channels including display, video, DOOH, CTV (beta), audio and native as well as a recently upgraded reporting dashboard with automatic data visualization and deep insights.

Matt Wilkinson comments, “I am thrilled to be leading Taptap efforts here in the UK. The company has a truly unique offering that I think will resonate with agencies and brands looking for more creative ways to incorporate data and context into their strategies. It is one of the few platforms that has advanced planning for market intelligence and a way to activate that intelligence directly via an omnichannel DSP.”

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Taptap Digital is a global advertising and marketing technology company with presence in Europe, Africa, North America and South America. Through its proprietary platform, Sonata, Taptap leverages geospatial technology and artificial intelligence for multidimensional audience planning, omnichannel media activation and advanced online and offline measurement.  Taptap drives transparent, objective and tangible results for global brands and agencies in more than 85 countries. Visit for more information.

September 27, 2022

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