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LVMH group, with agency Publicis Media Luxe and media partner Taptap Digital, get strategic with advanced DOOH technology‍

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Madrid, Spain – July 7th 2022. Through a new, digital out of home-led omnichannel strategy, the group of leading luxury brands, Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) proves, alongside agency Publicis Media Luxe and media partner, Taptap Digital, that premium brands can uphold a commitment to heritage, legacy and quality while spearheading initiatives with new technology in the advertising space. While outdoor campaigns have historically been part of the company's strategy, digital out of home (DOOH) is the lesser explored evolution of the medium.

Taptap Digital, a global ad tech powered by location, has applied its geospatial intelligence platform, Sonata Location Intelligence (Sonata LI) towards planning and analyzing DOOH campaigns as well as synchronizing campaigns on other screens, adding new dimensions of audience and contextual data to omnichannel programmatic advertising. 

Sonia Zazo, Director Client Services Publicis Media, comments, “with the Dior (J’Adore) and Loewe (Paula’s Ibiza) perfume campaigns, we did not just adapt to a more digital environment, but became leaders in the transition towards digitalization and data usage. Like all advertising, so many factors actually influence the connection your DOOH screens make with audiences, so if we can incorporate more of those variables into our strategy, we can enhance the user experience. Our media should offer value to consumers and reflect brand integrity, and to do so, context is key.” 

In the second quarter of the year, the combined DOOH campaigns have reached nearly four million users with just over 600,000 playouts. Publicis Media Luxe began by defining brand objectives and target needs to subsequently design a long term communication strategy. The collaboration with leading outdoor supplier JCDecaux has also been key in establishing the foundation for the DOOH campaigns. Taptap used geospatial intelligence to group screens according to their relative coverage and affinity among targets - customizing budgets, creatives and contexts for each screen group. Targets, comprising audience and geographic inputs, built in Sonata LI incorporate static and dynamic data that originates both from within and outside of the digital ecosystem, featuring attributes directly related to purchase potential and the marketer’s business.

Álvaro Mayol, Partner and CPO & CTO, Taptap says, “Sonata LI was created by engineers and data scientists at Taptap, and we are really proud of the value it provides to our clients. By identifying a location unit in the data, we can not only make a wider range of data actionable, but decouple it from unique users to protect individual privacy. Gathering and storing data for use in real time and for extrapolation and predictive modeling enables our team to create more realistic and statistically accurate scenarios.”

With Sonata LI, it was possible to locate high concentrations of audiences without DOOH coverage and launch digital campaigns on one to one channels like video, display and premium interactive formats. To date, these campaigns have delivered an additional 2.5 million impressions to the target audience. This kind of omnichannel coordination is critical for engaging customers as Nielsen found that 69% of viewers took some sort of action (like a search, social media engagement or store visit) after seeing a digital street level ad.

As DOOH evolves and investments grow, Taptap is working on advanced features like DOOH visit attribution as well as measurement that correlates lifts in impression volume to real time population mobility and presence.  


Taptap Digital is a technology company in the marketing and advertising sector with presence in Europe, Africa and America. Through its proprietary platform, Sonata, Taptap applies geospatial technology and artificial intelligence in multidimensional audience planning, omnichannel advertising activation and measurement of results, online and off. Taptap delivers transparent, objective and tangible results for global brands and agencies in more than 85 countries. For more information, visit
July 7, 2022

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