Taptap acquires Tyrceo Data Solutions, merging first-to-market martech and adtech in a single ecosystem

The acquisition makes market intelligence actionable via Sonata, Taptap's global omnichannel DSP
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Madrid, Spain – June 30 2022. Taptap Digital, a location-based omnichannel advertising and marketing intelligence company, with presence in Europe, America and Africa, has acquired Tyrceo Data Solutions, a Spanish data analytics and intelligence startup with a unique brand of location intelligence. Taptap and Tyrceo share commitment to excellence, client satisfaction and innovation in the sector. 

Alvaro del Castillo, CEO & Founder Taptap, confirms, “this acquisition represents an important step toward our goal of creating a single ecosystem that merges market and brand intelligence by offering data driven audience discovery solutions that optimize the way brands engage with consumers. We firmly believe that this acquisition will add tremendous value in terms of technology, product and talent that aligns with our strategic approach.”

The combined product suite offers advertisers and marketers essential tools for data-driven decision making without having to rely on cookies, and will therefore transform the way they engage with their consumers.

Taptap Digital adds to Sonata Location Intelligence - its geospatial analysis platform that enables advanced planning and targeting while protecting consumer privacy - Tyrceo’s platform: Tesela. Tesela combines georeferenced data sourced from content (social networks, search engines, marketing platforms and external operators) to build personas and identify interests in a particular location. Through geospatial analysis, Tesela identifies previously undiscovered relationships and correlations between data points and interests, a process that generates entirely new and proprietary insights for brands and marketers.

Alvaro Mayol, Partner and CTO & CPO Taptap adds, “the synthesis of both platforms, who share a similar DNA, into a single product stack and the evolution of our data science team, contribute new sources and dimensions of data. Further, they strengthen our capacity for geospatial analysis, our AI positioning and provide unprecedented ways to incorporate digital and physical context into the planning and activation process, giving new meaning to the concept of contextual advertising. We will continue to innovate and create exceptional value for marketers and advertisers, enriching insights, vision and results.”

The goal is to not only provide marketers with brand intelligence (MarTech) but offer them a place to action that intelligence (AdTech).

Juan Miguel Carrascosa, CEO of Tyrceo, will join Taptap as the VP of Data Science, which will support forthcoming Data Solutions. Through the acquisition, Taptap also reinforces its R&D relationship with University Carlos III of Madrid by gaining technological advisors who helped develop parts of both Sonata and Tesela.

Carrascosa comments, "right away we saw that the synergies between our products could disrupt the sector, and that the collective ecosystem would strengthen and complement both solutions. The union of Tyrceo and Taptap opens the door to new markets and opportunities for global scale.”


Taptap Digital is a technology company in the marketing and advertising sector with presence in Europe, Africa and America. Through its proprietary platform, Sonata, Taptap applies geospatial technology and artificial intelligence in multidimensional audience planning, omnichannel advertising activation and measurement of results, online and off. Taptap delivers transparent, objective and tangible results for global brands and agencies in more than 85 countries. For more information, visit

June 30, 2022

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